Nokomis Martial Arts

offers Tae Kwon Do classes for Youth and Adults ages 6 to 60+ through the
Minneapolis Park system.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday Nights at the
Lake Hiawatha Recreation Center
44 street & 28th ave. So, Minneapolis.

All Nokomis Martial Arts classes are taught by Kukkiwon certified Black Belt Instructors and all color Belt Testing is conducted by
Kukkiwon certified
5th degree master instructors John Klun and Chris Redhead. All Nokomis Martial Arts belt ranks are recognized by
WTF and the IBBF and will be considered valid at any IBBF affiliated Tae Kwon Do school or event.

Nokomis Martial Arts teaches "traditional" tae kwon do versus "sport" tae kwon do.

Studies have shown that sport tae kwon do can increase aggressive behavior and diminish discipline in some students. When the
emphasis is placed too heavily on winning, the true meaning of the art can be lost.

Traditional tae kwon do stresses the qualities of courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance and indomitable spirit. Through physical
conditioning and self defense training, students learn self confidence. They discover that they don't have to fight to prove their worth, they
only fight in self defense.
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